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  • Extrusion forming equipment

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  • Metal Extrusion
  • Auto Parts Extruding/Metal Stamping
  • Product description: Metal extrusion hydraulic press is an equipment to implement the extrusion forming technology Mainly used for the cold extrusion and forging forming of the metal materials, such as cogging and headin
  • Equipment working video on line

    Key Specifications/Special Features:

    Metal extrusion hydraulic press is an equipment to implement the extrusion forming technology
    Mainly used for the cold extrusion and forging forming of the metal materials, such as cogging and heading, swaging, broaching, bending, coining, light stretching, shaping, laminating and trimming
    Applicable manufacturing industries include: automobile accessory, motorbike component, transmission component, watch, spectacle frames and component, photo frame, tableware, scutcheon, lockset, hardware part and tool

    Product features:
    1. Product adapts three-beam and four-column structure, beams are used monolithic solid steel plate to avoid welding deformation and stress deformation of welding structure and to ensure its operation accuracy
    2. Oil cylinder employ solid forging, adapt precise abrasive machining with smooth finish, make it possess with high reliability and high impact resistance during high-pressure status
    3. Oriented columns adapt 45# high-quality carbon structure round steel material
    4. Tempering and intermediate frequency heat treatment for the surface as well as electroplating with the thickness of 0.04-0.6mm hard chrome and polishing treatment, thus having good wear resistance superiority
    5. Guide sleeve of columns adapts the company's patent (ZL 201320060553.7) for design and manufacture, for the purpose of good wear-resistance, excellent guidance quality, and convenient for maintenance
    6. Employ proximity switch and PLC programmable controller
    7. Dual speed and double motor, good adaptability
    Product superiorities:
  • High-precision, good rigidness, resistance to lateral force is strong, especially suitable for asymmetric products with high precision requirement
  • High-efficiency, low noise and wide application scope
  • Equipped with safety photoelectric protection device, motor short circuit, overload and short phase protection, as well as limit switches on the master and pressurize cylinder, result in safer and more reliable equipment
  • PLC programmable control, improve working precision and efficiency
  • Excellent performance, accurate operation: the main hydraulic components are adapts imported brand-name products so that to reduce maintenance rates, increase the service lifespan, also to ensure the accuracy of work
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