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  • Stretch forming machine

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  • Metal Drawing Hydraulic Press
  • Stainless Steel forming
  • Stainless Steel Lunch Box
  • Bottle Mug Forming
  • Product description: Four-column hydraulic drawing press is equipment to stamping sheet billets and hollow billets into container shape of components. This equipment is specialized design and manufacture for industries wh
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    Key Specifications/Special Features:

    Four-column hydraulic drawing press is equipment to stamping sheet billets and hollow billets into container shape of components. This equipment is specialized design and manufacture for industries which manufacturing aluminium and stainless steel products. It is mainly applicable for pressing process of the plasticity materials in metal industry, such as sheet metal deep drawing, edging, punching, shaping, aligning and other procedures.

    Product features:
  • The product adopts three-beam and four-column structure, beams are used monolithic solid steel plate to avoid welding deformation and stress deformation of welding structure and to ensure its operation accuracy
  • The master cylinder employs piston-type dual cylinder structure, embedded with fast rod to control fast down-stroke
  • Adopt PLC programmable controller as main control unit
  • Piston rod and oriented columns adopt 45# high quality carbon structure round steel material. Tempering and intermediate frequency heat treatment for the surface as well as electroplating with the thickness of 0.04-0.6mm hard chrome and polishing treatment, thus having good wear resistance superiority
  • Guide sleeve of columns adopt the company's patent (ZL 201320060553.7) for design and manufacture, for the purpose of good wear resistance, excellent guidance quality, and convenient for maintenance
  • Drawing force and blank holder force are adjustable, and moving beam has two-stage speed control.
  • Product superiorities:
  • High precision: electrical system adopts PLC or digital circuits control, and equipped with display screen
  • Excellent performance, accurate operation: the main hydraulic components are adopt imported brand-name products, so that to reduce maintenance rates, increase the service lifespan, also to ensure the accuracy of work
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption and good sensitivity
  • Safety and reliability: equipped with safety photoelectric protection device, motor short circuit, overload and short phase protection, as well as limit switches.
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