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    Internal pressure forming technology and equipment

    At present mainly from Europe and Japan some of the design and manufacture of large equipment manufacturers, such as schuler SPS Opton APT and kawasaki, oil workers, etc., and domestic is in its infancy, the heavy xing di Harbin industrial university China source qiqihaer second machine tools and hefei forging machinery, such as have begun the internal high pressure forming equipment and technology research and design to meet the special requirements of the technology of internal high pressure forming production line usually require professional design and development, its development trend is large-scale flexible automation and intelligent, ultrahigh pressure device and servo control system will become the core technology and the technological difficulties of the development of equipment.

    3D simulation


    5000t internal pressure forming hydraulic press

    Internal high pressure forming, it is a kind of manufacturing hollow integrated component of advanced manufacturing technology, pipe as blank With oil as pressure medium, applying ultra-high pressure inside the pipe at the same time, to the ends of the tube billet applied axial thrust loading


    For two kinds of external force, in the combined forces of tube billet produce plastic deformation, eventually with cavity wall, make the pipe with plastic processing technology of three-dimensional shape parts Characteristics, according to the tube billet forming parts are divided into forming area and feed area forming area is part of the tube plastic deformation diameter changes;
    The feeding area is part of the filling part of the forming area.


    Internal high pressure forming tube end sealing is formed by the punch and die extrusion of rigid seal, so it mould wear and tear, usually in the mold is sealing section with set piece, to improve die life after forming parts, auxiliary hydraulic cylinder to complete depend on the mould slot Punching etc. Subsequent working procedure Return, then the oil pressure relief, axial punch press slider upward, can take out the parts

     The process of internal pressure forming is divided into three stages.


    (1) in the initial filling stage, the tube billet is put into the mold cavity and the mold, and the axial thrust level of the two ends is pushed forward, forming a seal to discharge the air in the tube through pre-filled liquid;
    (2) forming stage in the tube billet bulging pressure at the same time, the punch press set to advance the loading load curve, internal pressure and axial feeding under the joint action of basic abutting the tube billet mold at this stage most of the area in addition to the transition of R Angle have forming;
    (3) increase internal pressure in the shaping stage to fully fit the transition R Angle, and the workpiece is completed.



    The main technical parameters of internal pressure forming have the pressure of the initial yield pressure cracking pressure forming pressure axial feed force and the filling quantity (1) the initial yield pressure tube blank to produce plastic deformation.
    (2) pressure of cracking under cracking pressure;
    (3) in the later stage of plastic surgery, the pressure needed to ensure the complete forming of parts;
    (4) according to the selection of the axial feed force axial propulsion cylinder, it is determined by three parts, namely, the force thrust force and the friction force of the plastic deformation of the billet.
    (5) the force required to close the mold during the forming process is the main basis for the selection of hydraulic press;
    (6) filling capacity is the important parameters of horizontal cylinder stroke because of the influence of loading path and the friction shoes can't completely to the forming area, forming area wall thickness thinning, the actual repair rate is usually ideal filling capacity is 60% ~ 80%


    Compared with the traditional sheet metal stamping and welding technology, the internal high pressure forming takes the pipe as the processing object with the following characteristics:
    1) internal high-pressure forming process can reduce development and manufacturing costs, reduce body weight and improve material utilization.
    The internal high-pressure forming parts usually require only one set of molds, and the sheet metal stamping usually requires three or more processes, and the tooling development and subsequent manufacturing costs will be greatly improved.
    The process is reduced, and the process waste will be reduced accordingly.
    In the case of meeting the requirements of the parts, the hollow parts of the inner high-pressure formed parts can be reduced by 20% ~ 30%, and the material utilization rate is increased by 30% ~ 50%.
    2) the inner pressure forming process can improve the precision of the parts and the safety of the body.
    In order to improve the precision of the parts, the internal pressure forming can be realized at one time in order to avoid the accumulated errors in the process of multi-order processing.
    Internal high pressure forming belongs to cold working process, through the deformation in the process of work hardening can greatly improve the intensity of parts, and the integrity of the original billet is better, the whole rigidity can be guaranteed, therefore used in car body bearing structure can improve the safety performance of car body;
    3) due to the internal high pressure forming the required pressure is higher, so the clamping press tonnage is bigger also, usually in more than 3500 t, the high voltage generating source and electric control system is relatively complex, equipment manufacture cost is also high.
    In addition, due to the close correlation between the forming quality and the wall thickness distribution and loading path, the r&d and trial production costs are higher.
    These factors restrict the development and popularization of the internal pressure forming process to a certain extent.

    Internal pressure forming production line.

    Based on the internal high-pressure forming process, the internal high-pressure forming production line can be divided into four main modules: the forming die high-pressure generation system and the electrical control system.


    In recent years, due to the tube parts of internal high pressure forming technology with technology and cost advantages, in the automobile industry rapid promotion In order to further promote the automotive lightweighting design, will be more hollow parts in car body development Gradually along with the internal high pressure forming parts used in every place, body may overturn people understanding of automobile modeling and body


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