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    Maybe someone will be interested in the production of the thermos cup and even want to be a member of the thermos cup industry chain.

    Let me introduce the production process of the thermos cup a little. The production process of vacuum cup is mainly.

    Vacuum cup shell processing process inner shell and inner shell assembly process.

    1. The processing flow of the insulation cup shell.

    Outer tube picking → cutting pipe → water bulging→ subsection →water bulging → In the roll Angle → shrinking bottom → cutting bottom → punching tendon → Flat top→ punch bottom → flat bottom edge → Cleaning & drying → Inspection → Qualified shell

    2.The processing flow of the inner shell of the vacuum cup.

    Inner tube picking→ cutting pipe → flat pipe → water bulging → On the roll Angle → Flat top → flat bottom edge→ roll threading →Cleaning & drying→ Inspection → welding → test water leak detection → drying → Qualified bladder

    3.Vacuum cup shell and inner shell assembly process:
    Match the glass → welded → Pressure bottom → bottom welding → checking → checking spot welding getter → vacuumize → thermometry → electrolysis → polishing → thermometry → checking polishing → pressure outsole → paint spraying → spot check → checking paint → silk-screen → packing → finished product storage


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